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Hey everyone! You may have noticed that I posted a new story! It is a Joker fanfic centered around Skillet's song 'Monster'. Check it out! Anyway, I'll try to post another (possibly final) chapter for Mr. Monk and the Joker's Girlfriend today. I'll probably start writing in the next hour.


Hey there!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have finally gained control over my writing! I have finished my Norrington/OC fanfic, North Star.  I'm not sure which fanfic I'll start up next, but rest assured, your favorite fanfic will be finished! After I finish all of my stories, I intend to start another Snape/OC fic.

Need Help?

If anyone needs help finding the scrapbook, click PROFILE above my picture. It'll take you to my profile and it's at the top in blue. Click SCRAPBOOK.

Pictures of my Characters

Check out my Scrapbook! I have pictures of my characters in it. My friends and family play them. I'm intending to put pictures of the characters fron Not So Average Anymore on here as well. Give me time to put the characters on here and take pictures of my friends.

Please note, these pictures are used with permission. These characters are mine and may not be used without my direct permission. Ever heard of LegalZoom.com? I will sue.

Update schedule

I know I'm not updating as much as I used to and I'm sorry! School has started and you may have to wait until the weekends for updates opposed to every day. I haven't abandoned my Joker POV story, I'll get back to it when I got off my Scarecrow obsession!!


Chapter five is up.



Sorry I didn't update the story yesterday! School started yesterday and I couldn't stay up till two or three in morning writing. Going to see the Dark Knight again and since it's Friday, I'm up as long as I want, so the chapter will be up tonight! 

New story

I'm thinking of doing 'Secret' and 'Revenge' in Joker's POV and one story. I can tell a lot more from his POV. Think it's overkill?

New story

Ok, so I'm writing a new Joker story. I don't know if it'll go anywhere or if I'll put on FanFiction.net, but if I think it's good after I finished the first chapter, I'll probably send it that way.


I hate being a writer sometimes. You're stories eventually come to an end. I'm editing and revising the last chapter of 'Revenge' and it should be up within the hour. I'll probably revise "Mr. Monk and the Joker's Girlfriend" now. Or I might write an new one. I'm not as crazy about Harley Quinn as I used to be. Maybe, I'll finish my Severus Snape story. That's the most likely candidate right now.